GWT, eclipse, i18n, and UTF-8 properties

GWT does a great job reading UTF-8 encoded property files:

Both Constants and Messages use traditional Java properties files, with one notable difference: properties files used with GWT should be encoded as UTF-8 and may contain Unicode characters directly, avoiding the need for native2ascii.

This is nice, but there is a tiny little problem when using eclipse: the default encoding for java property files is ISO-8859-1.

This setting can be changed in the eclipse preferences:

Bild 1

Or you can change the encoding of a single file with “EDIT -> Set Encoding”…

4 thoughts on “GWT, eclipse, i18n, and UTF-8 properties”

  1. Thank you so much!!!
    Tooltip text of the Maps API Markers is a normal Java String.
    I searched and searched and searched and then I found this!

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