The new google search options: thumbs up!!!

Google search options: wonder wheel
Google search options: wonder wheel

A few days ago I read a news posting  from the official google blog where they announced new features. I haven’t had the time to have a look at it at that time, but I though that since I use google search on a daily basis I surely would stumble upon the new features sooner or later…

Well, I didn’t. All this “Wolfram Alpha” fuzz (->twitter)  brought “search engines” back into my attention, and I took the time to read through some news. So I came across the new search options again and decided to finally have a look at it…

It took me a while to find it. Google was redirecting me to the german google site – and the german site doesn’t feature the new “search options”.

After realizing that and changing my browser settings I finally could have a look at the new search options.

The new “wonder wheel” and “reviews” options are great. By using the “wonder wheel” I can surf the context, and by using the “review” filters I can remove all the “buy it here” and “lowest price search engine results”. Take a look at the video:

In my special case, the new “search options” are an unbelievable search experience improvement.

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