Youtube to iPod

Or should I call it youtube offline? There is a free tool that downloads a youtube video and converts it to a file suitable for playing in a ipod, psp or mobile phone (those are the profiles provided).

I first had the need for it when I saw that there is a video from the Google Developer Days US about Google Gears and Toolkits published in youtube. Nice video, cool stuff, I am sure offline web applications will soon get ubiquitous.

Now I have it on my ipod. Nice.

2 thoughts on “Youtube to iPod”

  1. And BTW, on the same page where I found the youtube to ipod tool I downloaded the video to ipod converter. It allows me to convert almost everything so I can carry it with me.

    Now I have “The Silicon Valley Story” convertet, I hope to find some time to watch it. The film was broadcastet in Germany I used to record it.

    Wonderful digital life.

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