Finally. the new Java branding…

Maybe you already noticed in my or in other webpages – Java has got a new branding, a new naming system.

You surely will agree that it seemed increasingly odd to have that ‘2’ embedded in the platform name while also having a version number like ‘5.0’ at the end of the name…

Well, thats then, and now is now:

Starting now, at the 2005 JavaOne Conference (June 27-30), let’s all adopt the new naming system. As future releases of the platform ship,

  • J2SE 6.0 will become Java SE 6 (code name Mustang), and J2SE 7.0 will become Java SE 7 (code name Dolphin).
  • J2EE 5.0 will become Java EE 5.
  • J2ME will become Java ME, because it does not have a version number.
  • Java Card is not affected by this name change.

When you write, use the following terms at first reference:

  • Java Platform, Standard Edition 6
  • Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5
  • Java Platform, Micro Edition

Note: That’s without the “2” and without the “dot zero.”


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